The cuisine that follows the seasons

Our restaurant offers guests the opportunity to dine with a breathtaking view of the Tuscan hills. The menu changes daily according to the products offered on local markets.

Our cuisine is characterized by being healthy and with a low use of added fats.

The vegetables and fruit come from a small farmer from the Bolgheri area (Livorno), who cultivates the land using organic methods. The white aubergine we use for our Parmigiana, the sweet onion of Cecina and the pisanello tomato balanced in its sweetness and acidity deserve special mention.

Inside our estate we have a truffle cellar where we collect our black truffle during the season, which we then use to make dishes including the tagliolini with truffles.

The meat comes from a butcher from Volterra, who only carries the items slaughtered by him on his counter, including the rare Florentine Chianina and Maremmana breed. Among our first courses proposals we also find the typical Pici allaglione, a historic Tuscan dish, the garlic is a type of garlic very difficult to find with the particularity of not containing aligns and being very delicate.

In our desserts, however, there are our homemade cakes and fresh fruit sorbets in season.

A taste

Our cuisine is characterized by the quality of the raw materials and the low use of added fats, we only use local excellence, including the black truffle that we collect on the estate.

Some samples of our tastings

Our kitchen offers two types of tasting menus every evening. The raw materials used all come from small producers from which we source daily based on availability and from products directly from our estate. We use few added fats in order to enhance every single dish and have a healthy and light diet. Our meat comes from a family-run butchery which strictly carries items slaughtered by them on their counter including their Florentine chianina. Every day we also offer fresh and delicious desserts such as our made cakes or fresh fruit sorbets.

At the end of the dinner you can also choose a good brandy or a glass of wine from the spirits list, to be enjoyed on the panoramic terrace admiring the starry sky.

Classic tasting menu

It includes 4 courses (appetizer, first course, second course, dessert), drinks not included.
It is structured with typical local dishes and excellent products.
You can choose the accompanying wine from our wine list guided by our sommelier.
– drinks not included –

From € 30,00

Complete tasting menu

It includes 6 total courses including appetizers, first courses, main courses and desserts, it represents a journey in our kitchen with typical local proposals but not only. At the beginning of this menu you will be offered a glass of local wine from small local producers.
– drinks not included –

From € 40,00

Trade Fine Wines

Borgo Fontaccia has an internal wine shop with a mix of local and international wines and the possibility of purchasing food and wine products guided by a sommelier. You will find a wide selection of local labels, the result of a continuous search for winemakers who express their love and dedication for their land in their wine. Upon request, we also organize tastings and courses to approach wine, all within our structure.

Exclusive restaurant for guests of Borgo Fontaccia

Our restaurant is exclusively reserved for hotel guests.
Every day different tasting menus are offered based on local products and more. Our cuisine is characterized by a low use of added fats and by being healthy and light.
Ample space is also given to the proposal of local wines and beyond.